Coming Soon! 

Not Yet Lost: Social Butterfly / Social Parasite


1. Curse Your Name 

2. All You Get 

3. Tired 

4. Wake Up 

5. Placebo 

6. Novocaine 

7. Hatful of Hollow 

8. A Watershed Moment 

Bonus Track: 

9. Fade Away (Acoustic)


Welcome Ryan! 

We'd like to officially welcome our new bassist Ryan Schoppee to the Not Yet Lost family! We've had a great time practicing with Ryan and he's picked up our material very quickly. He's excited to be here and get rolling so don't miss his first gig with us on July 16th in Topsham at The 202 Summer Jam!

Now Available! 

We are very proud to announce our long awaited self titled EP is now available! You can download now directly from our web site HERE or from any other digital distributor you prefer! Plus we have a limited run of physical copies that can only be obtained at our live performances! Make sure to get a copy!

1. Ghost Cow 
2. Rise 
3. Fade Away 
4. Babies with Pitchforks 
5. Just Like You 
6. Safeword


Also available at CD Baby
Not yet Lost: Not yet Lost

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