Not Yet Lost is a band originating from the heart of Maine. With various musical influences such as Tool,  Alice in Chains, Faith No More, and Chevelle they tend to break the rules when it comes to their musical creations. As a result, they refuse to fall into a specific musical classification, feeling that to do so would limit their creativity. Currently unsigned, they have a 6 song self titled EP due to release in early 2016--each track showcasing a variant style of rock. Additionally, Not Yet Lost have previously released a 4 song EP in 2013 under their previous band name 'The Secret of Esrever' entitled 'The Bleeding Skies'. The first song on the EP "Reverse" is where the  former band name originated. Esrever being reverse spelled...in reverse. The EP contained studio releases of the bands songs "Nothing More", "Kidney Punch (Not Today)", and "The Question Within". Also, the band released a very well received 11 song full length album entitled 'Cryptozoic' (also under their former name 'The Secret of Esrever') in July 2014. November 2014 saw the band part ways with drummer Randy Hamm and they were joined by current drummer Nate Dorman. During this change the band felt it appropriate to change the band name to a much more marketable and easier to pronounce 'Not Yet Lost'. Now recording their new EP, the band is also hard at work writing new material to kick off a huge spring 2016 in anticipation for the EP release!




Coming soon... 

We know...we've been unusually quiet lately. That's about to end. As most know, we've been very busy since the end of autumn recording our new self-titled EP which will be released before the end of spring (likely in February).

With this new EP we have decided to do a digital only release. Not only are cd's starting to be phased out in favor of digital media, it's also much more affordable (and musicians are poor, lol!). However, this doesn't mean we won't have a limited production of physical discs. These physical discs as pictured below will be given away for FREE at our shows...want a free physical copy? Please support local rock and come on out and have a drink with us. The EP will primarily be available from all digital retailers such as iTunes, Google, Amazon, our web store at notyetlost.com and many, many, more. 

The track listing is:
1. Ghost Cow
2. Rise
3. Fade Away
4. Babies with Pitchforks
5. Just Like You
6. Safeword

Each song is a slightly different form of rock. While listening there are not two songs alike, however they all sound like US. Nothing so shocking that it will turn listeners off, simply different forms of our own influences incorporated into our writing. We have an absolutely massive range of musical influences and love to mix things up whenever possible. We're very excited about this album and can't wait to share each of these 6 radio friendly songs with everyone! We hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do.

Additionally, we've begun writing new material for further down the road. While these 6 songs will take a front seat for a while we have too much in our heads to stop writing...even if we wanted to. 

Self Titled EP Being Mixed! 

As the holidays roll in and turkey comas take effect our new self titled project has rolled nicely into post production. We are very happy with how these sound so far...a great mix of songs with massive sound. Looking forward to sharing! Happy holidays!

Artwork that didn't make the cut 

As we've been preparing to record our new EP, we've explored some other potential cover art ranging from some recycled old artwork to some new designs. Most didn't make it past the first stage of design. This one here made it through to it's first draft and was shown to the band, but subsequently dropped in favor of a self titled EP/artwork approach. This concept art was just too funny to not show anyone...

Recording in progress! 

We are happy to be heading into the next phase of making our self titled EP! We will be returning to My Thrill Studio tomorrow to begin laying down tracks! A little something about this EP...We've compiled 6 songs, all a little different forms of rock from one another with each clocking in between 3 and 4 minutes. Here are the tracks in work...

1. Ghost Cow: A heavy assault, very metal

2. Rise: Very much a Tool inspired song

3. Just Like You: An acoustic song with a different kind of feel than anything else we've written or performed

4. Babies with Pitchforks: Somewhat inspired by Mudvayne.

5. Fade Away: Power Ballad anyone?

6. Safeword: Inspired by a little punk rock

We have chosen this image as our cover art:

Cant wait to release these new songs....Expected release date Late Winter/ Early Spring 2016


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