Not Yet Lost is a band originating from the heart of Maine. With various musical influences such as Tool,  Alice in Chains, Faith No More, and Chevelle they tend to break the rules when it comes to their musical creations. As a result, they refuse to fall into a specific musical classification, feeling that to do so would limit their creativity. Currently unsigned, they have released a 4 song EP in 2013 under their previous band name 'The Secret of Esrever' entitled 'The Bleeding Skies'. The first song on the EP "Reverse" is where the  former band name originated. Esrever being reverse spelled...in reverse. Additionally, the EP contained studio releases of the bands songs "Nothing More", "Kidney Punch (Not Today)", and "The Question Within". Also, the band released an 11 song full length album entitled 'Cryptozoic' (also under their former name 'The Secret of Esrever') in July 2014. November 2014 saw the band part ways with drummer Randy Hamm and they were joined by current drummer Nate Dorman. During this change it felt appropriate as ever to change the band name to a much more marketable and easier to pronounce 'Not Yet Lost'. Now ramping up for an amazing 2015 the band is busier than ever playing shows and writing new material!


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We are psyched to have been added to this awesome show coming up in just a few weeks at the Bridge Street-Tavern! We'll...

Posted by Notyetlost on Monday, August 10, 2015




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